What’s Your Problem? Medication Adherence Is Your Problem.

Our world is increasingly dominated by technology. Your car, watch, and phone can understand the spoken word. Your light bulbs can change colors with the setting sun. Netflix can analyze what I’ve watched and learn what types of shows I like. My refrigerator can detect expired items and tell me when it’s time to replace something. The list goes on and on.

So why are parts of your business still dependent on people to scale? Why are certain tasks still done by hand, when there’s technology out there to help? Is there a good reason that technology isn’t involved? If you’re hesitant about large transitions in your business structure, start with a small change – like a third party connected care team.

But what is a connected care team and how does it help? Let’s start by examining the problem.

Your Problem

Patients who are not adhering to a proper medication schedule obviously experience a decrease in overall health. Not only that but their families begin to question the quality of the care they’re receiving. No amount of intervention will convince them they are actually receiving high quality care in the face of their loved one’s decline. Preventing this decline in the first place is paramount which is why we should look at the reasons medication non-adherence occurs.

Factors influencing medication non-adherence have been divided into three large categories and six smaller sub-categories.

Many of these factors are interconnected and an in-depth look at any one set of factors is beyond the scope of this article. We will however take a look at the suggest strategies for increased medication adherence provided by Iuga and McGuire¹.

Several of these strategies can easily be addressed by a connected care team such as the one at MedX Services, particularly the engagement of the social network, reminders, Electronic Medical Records based prescriptions, care coordination, and team based care. Our team and associated hardware can communicate reminders to the patient and alert the care team and family members when medications haven’t been taken, allowing the care team to check on that resident first instead of making rounds in the usual fashion. Our systems can also decrease the complexity of a multiple medication regime by packaging medications together at the pharmacy, leading to a decrease in error if the resident currently sorts their own pills or forgets whether they have taken them or not – forgetfulness being the number one self reported reason for medication non-adherence at 24%¹.

All of this together leads to a few outcomes – patients leaving your care whether through hospitalization or the choice of their families, increased costs associated with the care of patients, increased time communicating routinely with families, decreased familial happiness with the level of care, decreased patient health, and overall a decrease in your bottom line.

Our Solution

With the ever-developing world of healthcare, it is essential to stay up-to-speed on the newest technologies and services introduced into the market. Recent technological developments are hitting the market today such as completely integrated fitness devices, improvements in social care networks for seniors, and the implementation of circadian rhythm lighting. All of these devices actively improve the overall physical and mental health of seniors living in America today.

Not only do these technologies reduce the risk of decreased patient outcome but they offer valuable marketing points when speaking to potential customers. Both of these advantages could lead to an increase in your bottom line.

Introducing MedX Services

You are probably aware that there are devices such as connected pill dispensers. What you may not be aware of are connected care teams surrounding these devices. MedX Services partners with spencer, a connected care device, to monitor overall healthcare, medication adherence, and a host of other metrics. When you partner a dedicated team of clinicians with technology, the result is more than the sum of its parts. Our team of clinicians and partner pharmacies monitors your patients and helps to direct patient outcomes at less than the cost of hiring your own team to do so. So if you’re looking to scale your business or better serve your current residents, contact us below and find out how we can help.

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