3 Ways To Be The Best Caregiver Possible

Caring for your aging loved ones can be hard at times. We aren’t just talking about the physical stress and strain that you may experience as a caregiver, but also the mental and emotional stress and strain that you may go through. You want nothing more than to be there for your parent or family member when they need you the most, but in order to best care for them, you should consider these three tips on how to be the best caregiver possible.

1. Gain Perspective

Aging parents or family members are going through a lot physically, mentally, and emotionally. They once could drive to town to go shopping, to go to the grocery store, or to the lake for a fishing trip. But they can’t anymore. They may forget things, even your name at times. They have to face the reality that they need help. They may have raised you from a child and now you are a successful, independent adult. Now, they are in some ways reversing the role that they have played your entire life. They may come off harsh, depressed, anxious, moody, or they may even act like a completely different person than you once knew. However, they are still the same mom or dad, aunt or uncle, or other family member that they have always been. By understanding how your loved one feels, you as a caregiver can understand and decide how best to help them deal with the current circumstances that they are in, positively.

2. Utilize Technology 

Technology has been released in the recent decades that tremendously helps both caregivers and patients. Extremely accurate and updated blood pressure and blood sugar monitors have been released that once were not as reliable or available to caregivers and patients outside of a assisted living facility. Most recently, spencer medication dispenser was released. This state of the art health device offers a completely new and improved method of maintaining medicine adherence and communication between the patient, caregiver, and medical professionals. MedX Services and spencer now offer patients and caregivers the luxury of peace of mind and cutting edge technology meeting in a completely connected care ecosystem. With spencer, patients’ medications are dispensed on time and in order. Caregivers will be notified when their loved ones medications are dispensed and health care professionals can stay up to speed on how their patient is feeling before and after taking the medications. Not only does spencer dispense the medications correctly, he also tracks weight, blood pressure, blood sugar readings, and more once synced with the completely connected app. 

3. Realize It’s OK To Not Be OK

Yes, this season of life is hard on your aging loved ones. We discussed that earlier. However, this time and stage of life is hard on you as a caregiver too. You don’t always have to act tough or like you have it all together. It is ok to cry. It is ok to take five minutes to step out and to just breathe. It is ok to not know all the answers. The most important thing to remember is that when you are not taking care of yourself, you can’t serve your loved ones at your best. Self care is important in any stage of life, but especially when you are pouring out your energy into another person or persons in your care. Just remember that you are never alone in this. There are hundreds of thousands of people dealing with some of the same emotions that you are right now. Reach out to others and be encouraged. MedX Services is here to help in anyway possible. Our team of medical professionals is ready to serve you while you serve them. Give us a call today or check out our website at www.medxservices.com

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