Nursing Home Employee Pleads Guilty to Patient’s Overdose Death

Tragedy Strikes

Reports from a nursing home in the Northeast say that a nurse gave morphine to at least nine Alzheimer’s patients, telling them they were receiving “liquid vitamins.” Six of the patients who received the morphine were not actually ever prescribed the pain medication in the first place. In fact, these specific patients were charted to never receive this form of pain medication because of the risk of bad interactions between it and the other medications they had been prescribed by their physicians. Unfortunately, statements were released saying that the unnamed nurse gave the unprescribed pain medication to the patients to help “calm them down” and make them more manageable. After one of the unnamed patients passed away, the assigned medical examiner found that morphine toxicity was a contributing factor in her nursing home death. Following her tragic and avoidable death, the facility began monitoring Alzheimer’s patients 24 hours a day, tested all employees for drug use, and put them on leave. 


Cases like this one above happen far too often in America. Foul play and drug abuse are becoming common happenings in the senior healthcare system. The above situation reflects a nurse administering unprescribed medications to patients. However, there are also multiple accounts of nurses or other health care professionals who steal the prescribed medications from the patients themselves to feed their addictions at home. Regardless, the patients are the ones who are suffering- unjustly.


There Is A Solution

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