New Medicine Management- Adding More Healthy Years

There Is A Need

We all have to face the reality at one point that time passes without our permission. Parents get older. We get older. Our parents need more help with the little things and even the big things than they used to. Medicine management is critical for our aging family members. If they take the wrong dose, at the wrong time, after eating or not eating the wrong or right things, their health could be at jeopardy. The worry and stress that come along with wondering if our family members are taken care of can be overwhelming. If we could be there three times a day to help mom or dad take their blood pressure medicine, their insulin, their allergy medicine, or any other medications that they are taking- we would be there, no doubt. We have families and careers of our own now. We may not live as close to our parents or family as we used to. We know they need help, but we feel guilty because we just can’t be there as much as we would like to be or as we feel that we need to be. Sound familiar? Well now there is a solution for your family members and yourself!


Medicine management doesn’t have to mean plastic pill boxes labeled Sunday-Monday that our family members may or may not lose on a daily basis. MedX Services and spencer are now offering assistance in managing medications- but not only in dispensing medications, but so much more! MedX Services recognizes that medicine adherence is crucial to a patient’s overall heath and that if doses are missed, it could be fatal. In fact, statistics show that over 34% of hospital readmission rates within 30 days are caused by medicine non-adherence. You or your family member could make up one or more of the current 34% of patients that end back up in scary emergency rooms or even operating rooms. This terrifying statistic can be lowered and even eliminated using MedX Services‘ new approach to a completely connected care ecosystem. In this care ecosystem, MedX Services and its professionally trained and certified staff are aware that by combining cutting-edge technology and human touch can improve the lives of current patients, ease the minds’ of caregivers, and keep up-to-date the healthcare professionals involved.


There Is A Solution

MedX Services and spencer offer this completely connected care ecosystem right in the comfort of your own home or even in a assisted living or nursing home facility. An integrated app has been invented and released with spencer that gives real-time updates on medication dispensing, vital signs such as blood pressure and weight, and it even has the option for the patient or caregiver with the patient to speak directly to a healthcare professional- all through spencer. Do you currently worry if your elderly parent(s) are actually taking their medications, or if they forgot? No need to worry anymore. With spencer, when your loved one’s medication is dispensed, you’ll get a notification! You can even see if they inputed their weight for the day and if they reported feeling nauseous or dizzy after taking the medication. How does the medication get loaded into spencer? One of MedX Servicesspencer-certified pharmacies will place the medications directly into spencer so that when he arrives at the patient’s door, he’s ready to begin dispensing the medications at the right time, in the right amount, and in order. And that’s just scratching the surface of what MedX Services and spencer can do to help.


Our hope is that after meeting spencer and the team of professionals at MedX Services, that the miles won’t feel so far and the worry won’t be so deep and overwhelming. You can know that your loved ones are taking their medications at the right time, in the right amount, and that they can be in immediate contact with their spencer health care professionals in the event that they have a question or are in need of medical assistance. We hope that when you receive the morning notification on your mobile phone that mom or dad took their medicine with breakfast before they begin their day, that you’ll experience peace of mind that can now be offered. If this sounds like something that would be beneficial to your family, please give us a call. We are here to help and to serve. Our goal is to see more lives saved and more healthy years added to your loved ones’ lives.

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