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medication management + clinical oversight

We are a group of passionate caregivers, clinicians, and health professionals.

We offer medication management and clinical oversight that connects people through technology to provide better care. We work with spencer, a cloud-based, at-home medication tool, to provide accuracy and efficacy to those in our care.

Medicine Management

Medicine Management

Concierge Services

Concierge Services

Relief from Worry

Relief from Worry

With me, a handful of pills is no longer a handful. And that’s a good thing. Because when medications aren’t taken properly, you’re more likely to be hospitalized. But I can help. I’m the advanced in-home medication dispenser and seriously connected health partner. I’m the future of connected care.

How Does it Work?

Be Connected

spencer uses innovative technology to keep the Patient, Caregiver, Pharmacist, and Physicians connected and aware of the patients needs in real time. We call this the “Circle of Care” and believe it is the first step towards increasing medicine adherence.

Be Alert

One of the leading causes of non-adherence is simply faulty memories. spencer’s medication calendar and smart reminder system integrates with most mobile and smart devices in real-time to help keep the patient on track with their medications. It also records missed doses then works with the patient’s pharmacist to ensure that the patient and caregiver are informed and making the necessary adjustments.

Be Informed

spencer integrates with leading health monitoring systems to track blood-pressure, weight, blood-sugar, missed doses and more! This data is stored securely, analyzed, and then synced with a custom mobile/desktop app to keep everyone in the “Circle of Care” in the informed. spencer also makes helpful suggestions based on this data for ways to improve the patient’s health and overall quality of life.

Feel Relief

Dealing with the health of a loved one can be so overwhelming that it’s easy for caregivers to begin to feel as if they’re fighting this battle alone. We believe that if we are going to solve the medication adherence problem in America, it must begin by empowering those who are proactively working to care for the needs of others. With spencer, we hope to build a Circle of Care not only for those who are sick but for the ones who willingly give of their time to stand by them.

An Expert Weighs In

A truly connected health care partner, spencer doesn’t just dispense the right medicine at the right time; it dispenses comfort and peace of mind. When a patient or loved one misses a medicine does, has an elevated blood pressure or elevated blood glucose readings, or answers insight questions, spencer will alert everyone in that patient’s circle of care. This, in turn, can give us insight into how the patient is feeling. This gets relayed back to the pharmacist, caregiver, clinician, and MedX Services to make sure the best care is being delivered.

Dr. Charles Crump • Internist, Parkridge Medical Group

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spencerAssist™, an app for iOS and Android, allows staff, caregivers & families to stay up-to-date on their patient’s medication management program.